SRS Group

The SRS Group is a dynamic and diversified business house, with a strong presence across multiple sectors that include real estate, film exhibition, food & beverages, retail and financing. Headquartered at Faridabad, New Delhi NCR, it is driven by a vision to grow by offering innovative and superior products & services, while enriching the society as a whole.
The SRS Group epitomizes the new entrepreneurial spirit of India. This is evident in its growth trajectory, business models and its pro-activeness to embrace new ideas to fuel profitable growth. Its guiding light is the motto of ‘Enduring Quality & Trust’ which denotes the company’s belief in integrity, innovation and customer focus. For SRS, quality means delivering product and services that bring satisfaction, empowerment and value to all the stakeholders, be it the consumers, employees, associates, government or the law. The group is committed to continuously improve its business processes, benchmark standards and offerings to meet the desires and expectations of its varied target audience sets.

The SRS Group believes that sustainable success comes through staying together as a team and realizing extraordinary victories. This understanding translates into the Group’s commitment to keep all the members of the extended corporate family together – small wonder then that its name simply expands into ‘Sab Raho Sath’.

All Projects of SRS Group :
SRS Pearl Heights, Faridabad-
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SRS Residency, Faridabad-
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SRS Royal Hills, Faridabad-
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